How we tackle unresolved issues

A leading third-party online tech support provider, SupportMart offers brand and warranty independent support for all computer/peripheral related issues. We service computer and peripheral applications for problem resolution or fine-tune software configuration to improve system performance. Our support is available to customers based in the USA, UK, Australia and Canada.

SupportMart helps resolve issues or optimize software settings in the Operating System, Office Productivity Suite, Security solutions, Internet Browsers, E-mail/Communication software and peripheral device domains. Our supported brands include Microsoft, HP, Dell, Sony, Toshiba, Norton, Symantec, Kaspersky, Avast, Avira, Kodak, Samsung, to name a few.

Addressing unresolved issues on a priority basis is a key component of our customer relationship management protocol. In the unlikely event of an issue not being resolved on your first call, our team will subsequently follow-up with you to fix this recurring/unresolved problem. SupportMart has a comprehensive strategy in place to ensure all pending customer issues are addressed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Why some issues stay unresolved

The technicians at SupportMart are highly proficient in fixing all types of computer/peripheral issues, having been selected for their expertise and trained to meet the highest tech-support industry standards. In spite of this, there are a few occasions when customer issues are not fixed on the first call. This can happen in one of two ways. An issue that was resolved initially, reappears due to the same or a different root cause altogether. It is also possible the issue was not completely settled in the first call to begin with.

For instance, a customer might report a complaint of slow computer speed to our tech-support team. A technician would then remotely access the computer with the customer’s consent and perform a thorough system check-up. Let us suppose a computer virus is uncovered as the underlying cause for slow speed and is subsequently removed using an antivirus tool. Despite this, the computer continues to perform slowly. It can so happen the antivirus was unable to detect the presence of another malicious program or a specific software program is not configured properly, and thus, impairs CPU speed. Such an issue stands unresolved on first attempt.

Why this is critical

We, at SupportMart, are committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction. This is possible only through 100% problem resolution. A customer who continues to face the same issue after paying for our tech-support will not be satisfied and would not return for our service in the future. Thus, it is critical for us to tackle all unresolved issues with the highest priority.

How SupportMart handles unresolved issues

SupportMart has developed a unique mechanism wherein, a pending customer issue is transferred from a primary level to a higher-priority secondary level. At this level, our field experts directly interact with customers. Field experts, who have also trained our technicians, have much greater experience in the tech-support industry and are thus adept in identifying less-known problem causes that might have escaped the scrutiny of a technician.

If a field expert is also unable to fix this problem, a follow-up is scheduled based on customer availability, with our emergency response handling team. This is a dedicated group of experts, whose sole purpose is identifying and fixing long-standing complaints. Cases requiring consultation of our emergency response team are extremely rare.

Your role as a customer

As a SupportMart customer, you need to contact our technicians via e-mail, phone or chat to report your concerns to us. Our lines of contact are open 24/7, to serve your most pressing tech-support needs. If an issue stands unresolved on first attempt, feel free to contact us at the toll free number or at We will increase your priority level and schedule an appointment with the appropriate experts according to your problem-area. Rest assured, we at SupportMart, would not rest until all your problems are solved to your complete satisfaction.