Do not get misled by wrong advertisements – Get to know SupportMart

A few people consider SupportMart a fraud entity. This is why: sometimes, prospective customers get a wrong impression about the nature of services provided by us, owing to an incorrectly portrayed online advert. When they contact us for specific support unavailable here, we unfortunately have to turn them away. Not only is this an uncomfortable situation for us, since we aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction, but this also entails a loss of time, money and efforts, no matter how small. At SupportMart, we value your time and money as well as our resources. To clear the air, we devote this post to explain what is and isn’t included in our service portfolio.

What is SupportMart?

SupportMart is an independent, online technical support provider, servicing a wide customer base across USA, UK, Australia and Canada. We provide brand, version and warranty independent support for PC and computer peripheral related issues. Our technicians are available round-the-clock, 365 days a year to fix issues covered in our service.

Our service portfolio

We provide online support for Windows Operating Systems, all other Microsoft products on a Windows platform, paid and free antivirus packages, browsers, other software applications, home and private networks as well as connectivity issues with peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, cameras and MP3 players.

Our buddies at tech support will help you setup & install, configure & customize, repair, troubleshoot, improve performance, update/upgrade or uninstall any of these products. Before ending your session, they will also provide tips to prevent similar problems from recurring.

What to expect when you choose SupportMart

To avail of our service, you need to get in touch with us via phone, chat or e-mail. When you call us at our toll-free-number, you will be connected with a customer service representative who will help you choose from the many paid support plans on offer. While you might be hesitant to choose a paid plan prior to settlement of your issue, this is a crucial component of the anti-fraud campaign at SupportMart. By laying out the costs involved beforehand, you are given the liberty to decide whether or not you would like to continue taking our service.

In order to maintain complete transparency, we also provide a free diagnosis of your issue. You need only pay for any actual troubleshooting steps taken by our technician, which require your prior approval.

Once you have selected a plan, our technician will request remote access to your computer over a secure channel. You will be able to oversee each step of the diagnosis and if you choose to continue with our service, troubleshooting as well. All along, you, the customer are in complete control of the situation.

Misleading adverts

Now that you know the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of our services, let’s also consider with an example why some people are misled to believe SupportMart is a fraud company.

Let’s say a prospective customer searches online for support for a Microsoft product or that of another brand. Our company turns up in the search results as a Microsoft or “other brand” support provider. This leads him/her into believing we are either the official brand support or an affiliate. In reality, neither of this is true. We re-iterate SupportMart is a third-party tech support provider, not affiliated with any brand in any way. Our technicians are Microsoft-certified, but this in no way means we are a Microsoft-affiliate.

Another misconception is we service hardware components of PCs or peripherals. We provide online tech support; this in itself rules out any service that requires a visit in-person or hardware replacements. Sure, we can diagnose hardware problems, but within the limits of online service.

More doubts?

We have tried to be as detailed as possible in this post, to ensure you, as a customer, are fully aware of the nature and scope of our services. In case you have any further doubts, do call us at our toll-free number or send a message at: Feel free to share this post with your friends to get the word out.