Finding a Support Plan that works for you

SupportMart Technical Services provide on-demand, PC and peripheral devices support for individual users and Small-Medium Businesses (SMBs) across the USA, UK, Australia and Canada. Our service is available online, round-the-clock and 365 days a year, at the click of a button. Independence of product brand, version and warranty status is a key feature of our support. To make it convenient for our customers to pay for our services, we have devised four distinct paid plans. This post should clear any plan-related concerns you may have.

SupportMart offers four types of paid plans viz. the Annual Plan, the SOHO plan, Per Incident Plan and the PC Tune-up Plan. Here’s what you, as our valued customer, need to know.

Why are there different plans?

We believe every customer’s needs are unique. This belief comes from our experience in dealing with multiple customers every day. Each customer comes to us with specific support requirements and monetary considerations. At SupportMart, we try our very best to provide every customer with a support package that best suits his/her needs. Requiring PC support might be a one-off incident for some people, whereas, some might prefer a longer-duration scheme to cover any issue that comes up.

Most households have more than one computer, why, almost each family member would have either a desktop or a laptop computer! Such customers might want a support package that covers each computer owned by them.

Some customers might not need long-term support but only a computer-servicing plan on an ad-hoc basis.

For all these reasons, we have four distinct support packages for you to choose from. If you are an existing customer with any plan issues, we suggest you read through to the end of this post.

What are the different plans?

1. Per Incident Plan
Within this scheme, you will be covered for a single PC or peripheral component issue for the duration of one month. Suppose you call us with a problem within our purview and decide to go for the ‘Per Incident plan’. Our technician will solve the problem for you and advise you on how to avoid the same or a similar problem in the future. Unfortunately, the problem comes up again due to recurrence of the root cause. If this happens within a month of us fixing the same issue previously, you do not need to pay again. The plan covers multiple recurrences of the same issue on a single computer, within a period of one month.

2. Annual Plan
As the name implies, this plan is valid for up to one year from the time of signing up. We will fix any issue, covered by our support service, on a single computer for one whole year. If you use only one computer, this scheme provides excellent value for money since our support is brand, version and warranty independent. Provided you run a Windows OS, we will support all software, applications, networking and peripheral devices related issues. Brand product support will only cover issues with specific software, which is highly unlikely to be the case, given the huge interdependency between software products. For a one-stop support scheme, the Annual Plan from SupportMart is your answer.

3. Smart Solution to Business or Home Network (SOHO) Plan
If you need support for more than one computer and up to four computers, we suggest you take the SOHO Plan. This will provide complete coverage for your computers for a period of one year. Our dedicated technicians will immediately service any issue listed in our support service, on any of these four computers. You may call us unlimited times for the same or a different issue, on the covered computers, up to one year.

4. PC Tune-Up Plan
It may be the case that your computer just needs a facelift. It could be working slowly, crashing often or displaying low-memory messages frequently. If you do not think there is anything majorly wrong with your PC, this plan would suit you best. Our technician will de-frag your computer and reconfigure startup, browser and other program settings for optimal performance. Nothing more, nothing less.

Now that you know what plans are on offer and what the features of each support package are, choosing one of them should not be a tough decision for you to make. If any SupportMart plan issues still bother you, we’ll be happy to help. Give us a ring at our toll free number or message us at