Dissatisfied with service from SupportMart? Talk to us

What do you do when you are not satisfied with a particular service you paid for? Did you know most customers do absolutely nothing in such cases? And this doesn’t help the business nor the customer in question. So, why don’t we try to change that? SupportMart encourages you to report any and every instance of bad service to our customer care team. This works for our mutual benefit: you are assured such things do not happen again and we improve our service. This in turn fuels business growth. If bad service continued, SupportMart would be labeled a scam organization and we most certainly, do not want that.

SupportMart is a third party tech support provider for PC and PC peripheral based issues. Our service is based online and is available round the clock, any day of the year.

Why do most customers not report their complaints? Either because they are loathe to go through the process of reporting the issue or because they do not expect much good to come out of it. While some companies might not really bother to address customer complaints, SupportMart is meticulous about resolving every such incident and is careful to ensure this doesn’t happen a second time.

As soon as a customer raises an issue, SupportMart complaint-redressal team takes note of it and assures him/her of immediate action. Without any delay, the team begins working on the same. For instance, if someone reported rude or discourteous behavior of a technician, we can go down to the record of the conversation and figure out what went wrong. We maintain records of all conversations with our customers for this very reason. Following this, we refer records of previous conversations carried out by the same technician with other users to see if this is his/her standard behavior. Based on our findings, requisite action is taken to prevent a repeat incident.

We have similar techniques to deal with any type of complaints, technical or otherwise. In essence, everyone at SupportMart is accountable for his/her actions or the lack of it, thereof. SupportMart reviews from our customers also speak of how we rectified their complaints. So, feel free to intimate us about any unsavory experiences and we will deal with it right away.

You can get in touch via the dedicated toll free number or e-mail us at http://www.supportmart.net/contact-us. In case you have any current complaints of bad service from SupportMart, include it in the ‘Comments’ section of this post and we will get back to you.