SupportMart Warns You Against Online Work From Home Scams

Ever seen ads with display messages reading something like ‘At-home mum makes 2000$ (or some such figure) online! Click here to know more’? Needless to say, such ads are a manifestation of work-at-home scams that have been flooding websites since time immemorial. SupportMart is here to help you recognize and avoid such fraud ‘services’ so you can keep your computer and money where it belongs: under your control.

When unemployment rates are high and world economy is on a downward spiral, job seekers are desperate to make money by any means. Online scam companies capitalize on this and set up booby traps for potential victims. Some companies even ask for advance payments for securing the job and acquire your bank account details on the pretext of transferring your ‘salary’ online. You might receive spam e-mails/ads in your account or other websites publicizing such job offers. Read on for SupportMart’s round up of top online scam techniques.

1. Envelope Stuffing

You will be required to pay a small fee upfront, followed by the scam company mailing you flyers. You put up copies of these flyers in public places, advertising an easy money-making opportunity by – stuffing envelopes. To avail of the same, interested parties are required to mail you a fee, similar to what you paid the company, in a pre-addressed, pre-paid envelope. You then stuff the envelopes you received with flyers and send them to these parties so they can propagate the scam. Quite often, you end up printing more flyers to make more money, which goes down the drain, if they fail to generate any interest.

2. Home typist jobs

This one sounds quite similar to the envelope stuffing scam, only a different job: publicizing home typist jobs! When you click on a home typist job ad, you will be taken to a website asking you to pay a certain fee. Upon doing this, you will be mailed instructions and a disk containing home typist ads similar to the ones that got you here. You make money by placing these ads online and luring other unsuspecting internet users to pay you money to become home typists themselves. When they mail you money, you send copies of the instructions and disk you received from the scam company; in essence, duping others out of their money by placing home typist job ads. The only typing you would ever do is placing the ads online.

3. Call a number starting with 1-900 for more information

Numbers starting with 1-900 are NOT toll-free. Every call that gets through to such numbers generates money for the scammers.

4. Medical Billing

These scams promise to help you kick start your own medical billing business by providing you ‘latest’ medical billing software and a list of potential clients (medical clinics) in your area. You end up paying anything from 300$ to 900$ to get your hands on the software and the list of clients, only to realize later, most clinics do not outsource their billing to individuals, and the software you paid for, is not what’s used by them anyway.

5. Chain E-mails

Similar to the previous scams that thrive on daisy chain propagation from one to another, chain e-mail scams work by asking you to send money to people on a list and append your name to the end of the list, before sending the same to another set of people. As the e-mail is shared over and over, you are supposed to be making a lot of money, only the scheme is manipulated to benefit the top few names in the list.

Steer clear of the above work-from-home scams and others like them that promise to make you rich in a short time, remember, there’s no free lunch, especially not in an economy that’s struggling to generate enough employment for everyone. SupportMart encourages you to read similar reviews of top grossing scams so you don’t fall for them. To learn more about scam or to boost your web security, talk to a SupportMart technician at our toll-free number or message us at

You can also follow the SupportMart Fraud Awareness and Scam Awareness blogs to stay up-to-date on the latest scams.

SupportMart wishes you scam-free surfing!


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