Tips to Avoid Online Fraud

Internet, including the ‘wow’ factor has given us the highest peak of convenience but we can’t ignore the potential negatives. The online frauds have an aim to dupe the people handing over their money for the services or item that don’t even exist. They aim to control over your credit cards, online information, banking details etc. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Keeping the same in mind, SupportMart here is presenting some important tips that may help you well in staying away from online fraud.

The top online frauds have already been discussed in SupportMart’s previous post. This post is dedicated to avoid those particular online scams. The ones who have chip on their shoulder due to such defrauds and who want to be aware of the tips to keep themselves away from such scams are most welcome.

Tips to Avoid Nigerian Fraud

A letter containing the advanced schemes that look quite beneficial to make the recipients pay required money or asks them to share their personal bank information or credit card details is a Nigerian letter. Following are some tips that keep you safe from this fraud:

  • Don’t reply in any manner.
  • Don’t make mistake by giving your account credentials.
  • Forward the letter to U.S. Secret Service or U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

Tips to Avoid Credit Card Fraud

One of today’s most common scams, credit card scam can be avoided by following the below given tips:

  • Keep full information about the company you’re buying credit card from.
  • Don’t pay until you receive the credit card.
  • Before making purchase, make sure you’ve understood all the terms.
  • You monthly credit card statement needs to be scrutinized.

Tips to Avoid Phishing emails

Sending emails is the most common and popular way of scamming. You may usually get emails looking quite similar to a famous brand but they keep asking your online banking details or even contact number to register you with any service. In fact, they’re not affiliated by any brand and are phishing messages to cheat.You can avoid being a victim of phishing email fraud by keeping an eye on some important tips:

  • Your bank will not email you to provide online transaction password or even Credit/Debit Card Number.
  • Never leak out your password.
  • Use strong passwords as well as secret questions for online bank accounts.
  • Don’t make mistake by buying something from an email you haven’t asked for.
  • Keep yourself updated and use modern browser security settings.
  • Change password regularly.
  • Use effective antimalware software.
  • Use phishing filter.
  • Visit secure websites
  • Click cautiously the links attached in e-mails.

Tips to Avoid Overpayment Scam

Overpayment scam occurs when you sell your item to scammers. You can stay away from such fraud by following tips:

  • Check the identity proofs of buyer
  • Keep the written records and contract of sale
  • In any transaction, know buyer’s name, telephone number and street address.
  • Deny accepting the check of more than the purchase price. If buyer still making overpayment, don’t send the item.
  • Get contact details of bank from internet or some other genuine source.

Keep taking a look at SupportMart fraud and SupportMart scam posts to be on safe side from such frauds.


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