SupportMart, a True Friend of all Computer Users

SupportMart, a technical support provider offers third-party services across USA, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. With the aim of 24/7 support services, we have won the trust of millions of customers. Needless to say, we are rapidly gaining trust of users by honesty, genuineness and quality work. Apart from this, we also have taken responsibility of keeping users away from scams, frauds and fraudulent acts. Hence, we recommend you to go through SupportMart scam posts to stay away from frauds.

Today, fraudsters with intelligent strategy and clever technology know how to convince people and cheat them for money. Yes, it wouldn’t be wrong if we say approx 60% of people become victim of scams. Hackers, attackers and criminals take all the efforts and make repetitive attempts to convince people and ultimately succeed. Number of scams and frauds such as online scam, phone scam, antivirus scam, software scam etc. execute everyday pulling people towards them.

Online scam includes several factors such as junk emails, suspicious links, malicious websites etc. Such online scams aim to make you tempted to offered deals that ensure providing promised offers. They may also infect your computer or take control of it to know important and private information to use it wrongly to make money. There are many other ways that are used to win your trust and then deceive you.

Antivirus scam come to you with effective antivirus software and pretends to be very genuine as well as cheaper. It also assures you that you won’t find any viruses or infections in your computer ever. Finally user makes his mind to purchase it and as a result bears huge money loss, confidential information loss etc.

Phone scam is not much popular but harms you extensively. It includes unknown phone call pretending to be a renowned brand asks for your personal details for your good and benefits. Generally, people rely and disclose details resulting in shocking and unbelievable loss.

Other than above mentioned scams, there are many other frauds that make attempts to cheat people. We will continue letting you know about all of them in SupportMart fraud alerts. Keep being with us!


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