SupportMart never pressurizes the Customers to avail Support


There was a complaint online where the person alleged us to offer the wrong support and to act as the HP. This is not true at all and the statement is completely without the proofs. Check our reply herein.

Our Reply

First of all, we thank you for having brought such points to us that will help us pay more attention to our services. We have inspected all your points one by one; give us a chance to unveil some facts about SupportMart that you’re unaware of!

SupportMart aims to offer ‘on-demand’ support. Our customer executives and technical experts are very well trained and aware of our policies which state that we are never to pressurize users to avail of our support. Our experts examine each and every issue in your computer; please note, we do a ‘FREE of cost’ problem diagnosis. Following this, we ask if a user wants to avail of further services such as repair, etc. Only when he/she responds in the affirmative, do we proceed. As far as monetary factor is concerned, we don’t believe in cheating customers for short-term benefits. Our services are genuine and reliable.

Our technology driven support never reports non-existent problems with your device. We perform a rigorous analysis with your consent while keeping any personal files or data untouched. In case such a thing happens by mistake, we resolve it immediately.

‘Availability’ is one of the positive factors of our support service; hence, we never fail to respond. In case we’re busy attending to another customer; we follow a ‘call back’ policy if you’ve left a message with contact details. Moreover, we do not keep your calls on hold for long or disconnect intentionally.  Instead, we keep you connected with us throughout the session. Apart from this, we never make false commitments. We try to fix your problem as early as possible and in case this doesn’t happen (it’s seldom), we make it clear to you.

As mentioned above, we offer on-demand support which clearly means that we never push a customer to take support. If you’ve experienced bad service, we do not insist you to give us one more try. We only request you to give us another opportunity so we can rectify any errors and provide you with a solution. For the same, we have provided toll-free phone number for users to register SupportMart complaints about bad service they have faced.

SupportMart scam posts have been describing each of the aspects of our services including ‘what we offer and what we don’t’. We advise you to go through these posts to know more about us. You can also take a look at SupportMart reviews and get to know what our customers speak of us.

Other than this, we never claim to be a tech product brand; we have published many posts regarding this. Neither are we partnered with any such brands; we only offer third-party support for products from leading brands’. We appeal you not to get misled by wrong advertisements that turn up as search results for some brand’s technical support. We have also replied to our customers on websites such as Scambook, etc., you can view it as well.

Thus, to sum up, we say that SupportMart delivers third-party on-demand support. We will make untiring efforts until your issue is resolved. To clarify any issues about us or our services, we suggest you give us a call. Your query will be treated on priority. Your convenience and satisfaction is our concern; hence, we never wish you to have a bad experience with us.


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