Are you Doubtful about Transparency in Our Services?

SupportMart, a legit third-party company provides technical services with reliability. We have been offering tech support to millions of customers with a great level of satisfaction which can be seen by visiting SupportMart Reviews.

Unfortunately, some users have had bad experiences and received a wrong impression about us. Any bad services they might have faced are mostly caused by misunderstandings, which could have been avoided. People think that we don’t provide enough transparency in our services. We have been hearing some customers tell us that we don’t make things clear and start the troubleshooting procedure without their consent. Also, people complain that previous calls can’t be traced. Let’s cover both points one by one.

We would like to let you know that before even initiating problem analysis, we elucidate each and every aspect of our services. We inform you about the following essential things before starting with the process:

  • Cause of the problem
  • How long it will take us to resolve it
  • What procedure we follow to fix the issue
  • How much it will cost you
  • Mode of communication to be used to carry out troubleshooting

We also let you know if due to some problem we’re not able to handle the issue you’ve encountered.

As you can see everything is performed with your consent. Now it comes to how do we do it all.

Our problem analysis and your agreement collaborate together. If you choose to take support on phone, we provide all required steps to be performed by you. Other than this, it depends upon issue criticality where we ask you to take remote access of your computer. If you allow us to, we execute it over a completely secure channel.

Complaints on starting troubleshooting without user’s knowledge seems to be counter-intuitive as we can take remote access only when a user provides some necessary details of his/ her computer. How can we do all this without making you aware of the procedure we’re going to adopt to resolve your problem?

Let’s come to next important point; we keep record of all our calls for quality monitoring purposes and also for cases where customers report SupportMart Complaints. So, it is just not possible that there are no traces of any calls being made to us. We always keep track of our services and what we are providing to our customers. Hence, to avoid unpleasant situations, it is just as important for our customers to be informed about our services and policy as it is for us to adequately train our technicians.

To sum up, SupportMart doesn’t aim to earn money without serving. We don’t cheat our customers instead; we try to keep them away from online criminals or fraudsters who try many different tactics to victimize users. You can go through SupportMart Scam, SupportMart Fraud posts to receive alerts and tips to avoid frauds.

We advise you to give us a call on toll-free contact number mentioned on this page and it  is dedicated to our customers only. If you’ve experienced anything bad, report it to us using the number. We’ll address your problem on a priority basis. If you get a busy tone, leave a message using provided contact info. Don’t forget to include your contact number so that we can get back to you.


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