SupportMart is a Legitimate Third-party Company


We had noticed a complaint only where the complainant has a down on our legitimacy. We would try our best with this post to clarify this doubt.

Our Reply

Dear Customer,

First of all, thank you for sharing your experience with us.

We highly regret any inconvenience and bad service you have faced with SupportMart. Your issue will be addressed on a priority basis as soon as you report it to our Complaints Redressal Cell. Following are some of the important aspects about services at SupportMart that will address points in your complaint.

1. SupportMart is a legit company offering services with correct and complete resolution of almost all problems. In case we fail to provide solutions to any of your problems, we make this known to you rightaway.

2. Our technical experts are highly experienced and are well trained in their respective areas. During our training sessions, they are taught to explain each & every point to customers. Moreover, all calls are recorded for quality monitoring purposes. The technician executes troubleshooting steps on your computer once an understanding is reached between both (technician and customer). Every step of troubleshooting is carried out through remote access, which is also done with your consent.

3. Now it comes to what our services cover. We offer various plans for our customers to choose from, depending on what suits them best. All plan policies are made clear to customers at the time of sale, along with details on devices covered depending upon the type of plan you have chosen. Plan details are also available on our website, and our customer executive explains the fine points of each plan before you make a purchase.

4. When it comes to media sources we use to communicate with you i.e. Phone and Internet, both are active and manned 24 hours a day with continuous connectivity. Hence, it is just not possible that a customer is unable to reach us. We have also provided a toll-free contact number for our customers to register any SupportMart Complaints. This phone number is dedicated to hear customer grievances and resolve all their problems with immediate effect. We strive to take good care of customers by listening to them and bringing improvements in our services.

5. Addressing the issue of us having made unauthorized changes to your computer, please be informed that we neither tamper with personal files or unrelated data on your computer, nor do we intend to make any intentional or unauthorized changes in your computer resulting in performance failure. Given the fact that we enable you to see all actions performed on your computer, this is simply not possible.

6. Furthermore, we never pressurize our customers to provide us anything, neither do we need any important data from your computer, be it contact info of your friends or relatives etc. Most users who have availed our services are satisfied with us and have in fact voluntarily referred us to their contacts, as can be seen through SupportMart Reviews.

If you have any further issues, we advise you to get back to us again by using given phone number. We’ll explain everything and provide you with right solution to your problem. Many misleading advertisements create the impression that SupportMart is a Fraud which is completely wrong. We offer third-party services on user’s demand.

Especially for the benefit of our customers, we keep bringing SupportMart Scam posts describing our services along with features. We suggest you go through these posts to know more about us.


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