SupportMart doesn’t offer solution to Hardware Problems

SupportMart, a third-party company, and provides technical help across USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. We offer reliable tech support and also help users if they misinterpret our services and give us a call. Our services include offering tech support for all Windows OS compatible products as well as internet connections, networks and peripherals.

Our technology driven support aims to deliver desired and on-demand online tech services. We don’t offer support for hardware problems as they require a home visit of technician or your visit to any service center with your PC. We only handle the issues that can be resolved online through remote access or on phone via verbal guidance. Although we have been letting users know that hardware issues are not entertained by us yet users come across some misunderstandings and think that SupportMart is a fraud. This post is scenario based explaining how and what do we provide to our customers. Let’s take a look at the following:

A USA based user gave us a call regarding problem solving he encountered with his HP printer. Keeping in mind that we’re HP, he told us the issue which was related to cartridges and unclear printing. We told him that this problem is not at all software related and cannot be handled over internet or phone. Therefore, we cannot provide support for it and directed him to contact either manufacturer or local vendor for hardware issues.

SupportMart is a third-party and not a product brand which has been made clear in all fraud awareness posts. Moreover, we have been letting customers know that we don’t offer home services hence hardware issues are not included in our support. Our services can also be assessed by going through SupportMart Reviews.

We have also provided a complaint toll-free number which aims to register all SupportMart Complaints. Our customer service panel is 24/7/365 available to respond you. All we can say that we are always ready to serve you with quality, genuine and reliable tech support and never cheat the customers.

We have also brought a number of SupportMart Scam Alerts posts that warn users to stay away from online scams being executed on a daily basis.


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