SupportMart lets you choose everything for yourself

SupportMart is a third party remote tech provider. In just a short span of time it has spread out itself to Australia, U.K, U.S.A and Canada. However like any successful brand, SupportMart has also seen some baseless and negative rumors about it.

SupportMart is not a scam or a fraud. We are a reliable third party remote tech service provider. It might have been such that you have had a bitter experience with some other support provider in the past. But we assure you, SupportMart’s technicians at no point of time call you up to buy our services. We do not even ask for your friend’s or your relative’s number to promote ourselves. We strongly believe that our services talk for ourselves. We are more than sure that, if you like our services you will also recommend it to your loved once. Yes! There are a huge numbers of frauds and scams that go on in the Internet world. Here too we have tried our best to shoulder the responsibility. We keep publishing report of various scams around the world, to warn our users. If you want to know more about us, you can read the testimonial s of our customers at Support reviews. Each word validates our reliability.

We would really want you to know, that when our technicians talk to you, at no point they will force you to buy a plan. You can ask our technicians as many questions as you desire till a plan satiate you and fits your bill. With SupportMart the customer decides each step. Even before taking the remote of your PC, your permission is asked. Please note, we do not touch any of your personal file or extract any information from your PC. Your permission is asked before each step. And throughout the process you can see what is being done to your PC on your screen. We do not mislead you with false detections. For us customer satisfaction has always been the basis to each of our services. We would never lose our customers for some short term benefits. You would also want to know that we do a ‘Free Diagnosis’ of your PC first and then it is you who decide what is that you want from us.

However in rare cases if you think you are dissatisfied with our services, please register your complaints with us. Use our toll free no mentioned herein. We shall get back to you without losing any time and fix the issue.


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