Experienced Bad Service at SupportMart? Contact now!

SupportMart, a third-party tech support vendor offers its services across four countries: USA, Australia, U.K and Canada. Our services are offered online through chat and phone. Keeping in mind, we provide help round the clock and throughout the year. Following are some of the key factors of our services:

  • Wider knowledge range
  • Certified and well trained technicians
  • 24/7/365 services
  • Brand Independence
  • Version and warranty independence
  • Service for out-of-warranty products as well
  • Support through trusted remote software
  • FREE problem diagnosis
  • 100% transparency and satisfaction
  • Separate user awareness panel
  • Affordable services

Despite being powered with some of the most demanded features, some customers are found complaining about us. Some misunderstandings make them form a feeling that SupportMart is a scam.

For instance, a Sony camera user who searched on Google for tech support, as he wasn’t able to upload some photos from his Sony Cyber-shot camera to the computer. He found our number listed in the search results and called us thinking he is calling Sony for help. We immediately informed him that we’re not Sony and could not provide the warranty services to repair his camera. No sale was made on this call.

We have been letting all users know that we’re a third-party offering affordable services along with a bunch of benefits for your product. Our service is paid and based on your demand only. We’re no where affiliated or partnered with the brand of your product to offer your warranty or free support. However, we offer paid technical support for computers, their Windows OS, applications, antivirus, browsers, and even peripherals.

SupportMart Scam posts consist of huge material about what SupportMart is, what it offers and how it provides the Support. Furthermore, we always keep an eye on how the user is served with our services.

SupportMart Reviews are a good source to see what our customers speak of us. We believe in providing the customer with 100% satisfaction. Moreover, we have launched a phone number which is solely dedicated to our customers only. Users can use the number mentioned on this page if they have any SupportMart Complaints.

Services at SupportMart are round the clock and 365 days available, you can get in touch as you encounter an issue. Our certified and experienced technicians will fix it in a couple of minutes. We advise you to go though SupportMart Scam posts to know more about us. Also, these posts keep you aware of latest online scam, frauds etc. We encourage you to read these posts and stay away from fraudsters.


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