SupportMart provides best value for money

SupportMart is a third-party software service provider, which provides services for fixing software related issues reported by computer users based in the USA, UK, Australia and Canada. Our service is brand and warranty independent; therefore, users can approach SupportMart for help with software problems on a computer, printer and other peripheral devices of any make, even if they are out of warranty.

At SupportMart, we cover all major brands inclusive of, but not limited to, Microsoft, HP, Dell, Sony, Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo, Norton, Symantec, Kaspersky, BitDefender, Avast, Avira, Canon, Kodak, LG, Samsung etc.

For a satisfactory user experience, it is important to understand the completely and type of service SupportMart offers. Some users misconstrue SupportMart as a fraud service owing to an inaccurate understanding of what we are and what we do. Read on to ensure you do not encounter a similar experience.

What SupportMart offers

As mentioned above, we offer brand independent software support services. This means SupportMart is not affiliated or partnered with any software or hardware brand. Moreover, we extend support for only software related issues, so, any problems with computer or peripheral hardware will not be resolved by our technicians. This is because hardware problems require on-site assistance, whereas, our technicians resolve software issues remotely, eliminating the need for any visits.

All you need to do is explain your problem to us over phone, chat or e-mail and provide consent to access your system remotely over a secure channel. According to our protocol, you will be informed and asked for permission before any changes are made to your system, so you have nothing to worry about.

We service your system irrespective of its warranty status, even if your software is outdated or not supported by the vendor.

What is SupportMart’s USP?

SupportMart is a one-stop shop for all your software concerns, notwithstanding brand or warranty status; and this is our USP. While vendor support only covers issues with their proprietary software, SupportMart offers complete coverage for all types of software problems. This is necessary because no software works independently; many software issues arise because of dependencies on other software configurations/malfunctions. Moreover, the more software programs are installed, the more complex this dependency becomes. All our technicians have a solid background in dealing with software interdependencies across brands and this is our greatest asset.

What SupportMart does not provide

Since our services are implemented on a remote-connect technology platform, we do not cover any hardware concerns. As 98% of computer-related issues are software dependent, this does not present a major drawback.

To avail of our service, you need to sign up for one among our single-issue resolution, one/two year or unlimited coverage plans. This helps us serve you better by providing the best value for your money and is in no way an attempt to de-fraud SupportMart customers. In fact, by laying out our paid plans to you at the outset, you are given the choice to decide which plan to go for and whether you would like to avail of our service at all. SupportMart does not first service your software problem and then pin an exorbitant bill on the customer. Our focus is on providing affordable, quality service to our customers, so you can feel free to approach us for any software problem with any brand, anytime of the day.

Still not convinced?

Some users might be skeptical in placing their trust with SupportMart, due to an earlier bad experience with us or another service provider. At SupportMart, we believe in maintaining an open communication channel with existing and prospective customers to clarify any misconceptions, sort out service-policy issues and improve our service. Feel free to contact us at our toll free number or at for further information or clarifications.


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