What you need to know before signing up for Tech Support

SupportMart Technical Services is a leading provider of tech support services to individual users and Small-Medium Business Enterprises (SMBs) based in the USA, UK, Australia and Canada. Under the umbrella of tech support, we help install/uninstall, reconfigure/customize, amp performance and update/upgrade any Windows OS, antivirus software, browsers, other applications, troubleshoot networking issues and peripheral device connectivity issues on a Windows based PC. That’s a whole lot of services! It is our ambition to create the highest level of User Awareness about our services and about tech support in general. After all, an informed consumer is an empowered consumer!

This post is therefore, dedicated for the benefit of our valued customers. We will look at a few important points you need to consider before signing up for any tech support service.

Technical expertise
Technical expertise of their staff is undoubtedly the most crucial factor in choosing the best tech support service available. After all, you wouldn’t want someone who knows about PC troubleshooting no more than you do, to fix your issue. Not only is this a waste of time, but it’s also dangerous. You could lose important data or your computer could get into a worse condition than before. A Microsoft-certified technician would have a high level of expertise in dealing with computers. Make sure your tech support provider hires such technicians.

Reviews and Testimonials
Search a company online to verify its’ authenticity and the quality of services. There are many portals where customers can provide feedback on companies they have taken services from. Every company will have some positive and negative reviews. Do not expect your dream service provider to be absolutely perfect. If a tech support provider’s positive reviews way outnumber the negative ones, you are in safe hands.

Response Time
Does the company deliver services in the promised time? Do they respond to customer queries or e-mails? Do they keep their word when they say they would get back to you in a specified amount of time? You need answers to these questions before finalizing on a tech support provider.

Round-the-clock availability
Due to the nature of its business, it is imperative for a tech support company to offer 24/7 services, 365 days a year. This is another factor you should take into consideration when deciding on a tech support provider.

Communication Channels
A reliable tech support provider can be reached in many ways:
.    Phone
.    Chat
.    E-mail

If one method of contact does not elicit any response, customers could get in touch in another way.

Value for money
This is another important factor. Do you believe your tech support provider offers excellent value for money? For instance, if an issue recurs due the same or a different reason, will they offer a free servicing, for a specific period of time? Do they explain their pricing options to you, at the outset, or pin arbitrary bills every time you take their service? Is there a money-back policy in place?

SupportMart believes in creating user awareness about these issues so you can make the right choice.

Brand independence
If you are looking for brand independent support, third party support providers are your best bet. Their services would not be exclusive to a specific brand, so, if you own more than one PC or peripheral device, which is most likely the case these days, you would be covered for any problem coming up on any of those devices.

When it comes to software, brand independence is even more important. Most software issues are not limited to a particular software program running on your PC. Settings in one software application can and does influence the performance of another program. A company that limits services exclusively to one piece of software would be of no help to you if the problem is caused by another application.

Branded support is constrained by the warranty status of your product. Third party companies offer lifetime support for all brands, irrespective of warranty period expiration.

Some brands withdraw support for outdated versions of their proprietary software. Independent tech support providers cover outdated software as well.

Refund Policy
A company that refunds customers when it is unable to solve a customer complaint would be more reliable than one with no refund policy in place. Before investing in any tech support company, inquire about their refund policy. If all sounds well, you can go ahead.

Does the company have paid support packages tailored to user needs? Users have varied support and budgetary considerations that need to be taken into account. At SupportMart, users get to choose from four different plans based on what kind of support you require, how many computers you want support for and for how long.

Visit the company’s website and find out its various branches. A company with a local branch in your country will be genuine.

So, there you go. With these tips, you should find it easy to shortlist and pick a tech support provider best suited to your needs.

For more information on our services, feel free to call us at our toll-free number or ping us at http://www.supportmart.net/contact-us.


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