Restrictions of SupportMart

SupportMart is a third party support provider.

SupportMart offers third party support for different brand computer systems, net books and desktops, Windows OS, almost all brand antiviruses, browsers, Microsoft products and other popular software.

SupportMart Technical Services was founded in January 2011 with a mission to provide reliable and secure technical support to all class of computer users. Providing comprehensive support for almost all brand software applications and Operating Systems, we aim to provide complete resolution for all brand PC software and applications at one place in one call. Please note that we are not affiliated or having any partnership or agreement with any PC or software brand.

Little difficulties in getting support

Our support is completely hassle-free but sometimes, our customers come across a few issues. Some customers may not get 100% resolution in first call. Our expert technicians provide resolution for most of the problems but for a few complicated problems, you may have to wait for some time.

If your problem is not solved at first level, we refer that to next level and finally to supreme level. In such a case, we give you a scheduled date and time and we call you on the provided time. However, if you do not receive any call from our technical expert on promised time, you can register a complaint by dialing our number.

We provide comprehensive support for all kinds of PC software and applications. However, there are some restrictions to our support. As this is a growing support company, at present we are not providing support for a few Mac, Linux, etc. operating systems and hardware problems like Black Screen problem etc. We also do not send the technicains at your doorstep or require you to send/receive logistics. This limits the boundary of our support services to the help that can be delivered on phone, chat, email, and remote. Therefore, sometimes, it is not possible for us to provide you support for some software and application problems.

Difficulty in connecting with technician

Our helpline number is always open and easy to connect. Because of some network problems, sometimes you may feel problem in connecting with a technical expert. We regret and apologize for any inconvenience you experienced while calling to SupportMart because of any reason.


Once again, to remind all our valuable customers, ‘SupportMart’ is our registered company name. SupportMart is a third party support providing company that covers almost all brand software and applications. “SupportMart” does not stand for official customer support for any PC, software or other domain brand. However, experiencing any problem with SupportMart at any stage, you are completely free to register a complaint.


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