SupportMart is a third party.

Scope for third party support

Consumers often face problems on their computers and installed software, antivirus and drivers. Usually Brand customer service offers free support for their products during warranty period. Once this free period is over, PC and software companies charge a hefty amount from their consumers for assistance. Not all users are system engineers to troubleshoot their problems on their own. Customers often look for a trusted and affordable technical support.


A person can find various companies on Google that provide support for different brand PCs and software. How can you trust upon a company and allow it to access your computer through remote support? What is the guarantee that company technicians will be able to sort out your PC problem? Many such questions arise in your mind when you think to sign up for an annual subscription with a tech support provider.

Vision & Mission of SupportMart

With a mission to provide trusted and secure technical support beneficial for all home and business users, SupportMart Technical Services was founded in January 2011. It wants to live up to the expectations of the computer users. Hence, we strive hard to provide most economic support to users.

Generally, people use computer systems that assemble CPU, monitor, hard drive, Operating system, antivirus, office tools, mail application and browser from different brands. Therefore, when a problem occurs on a computer system, it becomes hard to diagnose the exact cause and location of the problem. At times, problems occur due to error in interaction between different brand software and accessories.

Moreover, one brand’s customer service does not cater to users of other branded products. When problems occur on a computer, users are not able to understand whom to contact. This is a common problem for many computer users. If a person contacts different customer cares services, he or she will have to spend more time and money. At the same time, it is not guaranteed that he will get complete freedom from all ailing troubles.

In such a scenario, SupportMart offers confidence to people to get complete resolution in one call at one place. SupportMart elevates the trust of people by providing comprehensive support for computers, all versions of Windows OS, antivirus, browsers and other popular applications from almost every brand at one place.

SupportMart offers support for Microsoft office, MS Outlook and other popular software products by Microsoft. Our comprehensive support includes troubleshooting of all popular Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Netscape navigator etc.

We provide support for almost all antivirus brands such as Avira, AVG, BitDefender, Kaspersky, Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro and Webroot etc. Thus, when you call to SupportMart, you do not have to call anywhere else. The most attractive point of SupportMart is that it is most affordable.

Never presume SupportMart as a brand Support Center

Many times, customers of reputed brands such as Microsoft, Apple, Lenovo, Trend Micro, Norton etc., consider SupportMart as an official support center for their brand product. Please note that SupportMart offers third party support for computers, software, and peripherals from almost every brand.

We are neither affiliated with nor have any agreement with any computer or software brand.  Many great features of SupportMart establish it as a trusted third party support providing company.  Read the disclaimer at the bottom at our Website –

What makes SupportMart, a trusted brand?

  • Support by Certified technicians
  • Secure remote support only by consumer’s permission
  • Resolution within specified time
  • Unlimited support throughout the year at a very low subscription fee
  • Comprehensive support for all brand PC, software and popular applications
  • Over 90% Customer Satisfaction
  • Always approachable
  • Support through all communication channels such as Chat, E-mail and Phone

Do not get cheated!

Help us to stop fraud, scam, and cheating going on in technical support business. Whenever you suspect, someone is cheating you or trying to take off your money through scam, please report us by dialing 0ur number. SupportMart technical experts perform all technical steps on your PC through secure remote access and only after taking your permission.