Out-of-Scope Issue

SupportMart Out-of-Scope Issue
SupportMart is one of the leading technical support providers in the world and takes customers’ issues on priority. Our technicians have been well-trained to resolve all the issues a user might come across. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Customers can visit our website – http://www.supportmart.net.

We provide tech support for Windows Operating Systems, applications and device drivers compatible with it. If you think your product, software or peripheral is not supported by us or your problem doesn’t get fixed here, then let us know about the same. We monitor such complaints on regular basis to keep a check what all issues are closed in out-of-scope and what all the customers require from us. We provide the services for the issues that can be accessed remotely, but we don’t provide home or door-to-door technician services and don’t resolve hardware issues. In addition, we don’t resolve the issues related to the devices like tablet, Apple computers, etc.


We do not provide support for Mac OS and hardware problems that need direct interaction of a technician at your place.

More to come

You will get to know about more issues in this category very soon. Stay tuned with our new User Awareness Portal.


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