Exclusion of few PC Problems

SupportMart is a third party support provider

SupportMart is a third party technical support provider. We provide support for Windows OS, brand antivirus from all brands, Microsoft products, browsers and other popular software compatible with Windows desktop editions. The most attractive features of SupportMart include affordable fee, technical support by certified technicians, and support through all communication modes such as chat, email and phone. The interesting point is that we even provide support for out of warranty and outdated products. Once the warranty period is over, Brand Customer support does not provide free support and charge very high fee for providing support.

SupportMart gives you an edge

Moreover, we provide comprehensive support. We provide resolution for almost all PC software problems at one place. This helps customers to get support for different brand products such as Windows OS, antivirus, browser, Microsoft products, Apple software from one center. When you take support from one center for all PC problems, technicians understand your problems and computer system assembly better.

Why only 95%Customer Satisfaction?

SupportMart has a record of achieving more than 95% customer satisfaction. Some customers may not be happy with us. We are a growing technical support providing company. At present, we have some restrictions. We do not provide support for Mac operating system, for Black screen problem, hard disk crash problems, and other hardware problems that need direct interaction of a technician at your place.

We also do not offer support for devices like smartphones, tablets, etc.. Hence,  it is now not possible for to provide 100% complete resolution for your problems with all products. Due to this reason, some of our customers are not satisfied with us. On SupportMart website, you can find the list of products that we cover through our remote technical support.

Help us to improve. Report Bad Service!

However, if you still think, you did not have the kind of support you were looking for. You are free to file a complaint by dialing our toll free number. If we provide the support, that you were looking for, we will provide you higher level dedicated support to address the bad service.

If we do not provide the solicited support, you can speak with our dedicated complaints handling team at above number. In some complicated PC and software problems, we ask you to wait with a promise to provide resolution within a fixed turn around time. Our technical expert can contact you through mail or phone within promised time.

However, if you do not receive any call or mail from our side within scheduled date and time, you can register a complaint by dialing our toll free number.


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