Confusion With Plans

Do You Have Complaints Related to SupportMart’s Different Plans and Subscriptions?

The occurrence of a technical issue is obvious in the devices like laptop, camera, PC, iPod touch, webcam, printer, scanner etc. If you’re also facing the issue in your device, this is no more a tension as the technical experts at SupportMart have brought to you the solutions to all your problems.

Yes, SupportMart is a master in the area of technical support and provides its customers with the accurate and permanent solutions. SupportMart is a company that provides solutions to the products like peripherals, hardware components, antivirus, OS etc. from different brands. If you have some technical issue, make contact with us and get it resolved. To know more regarding the brands and products, visit us at

Different Plans Proposed by SupportMart

SupportMart has proposed many different plans that differ from each other in the context of requirements and budget range. Let’s take a look at these plans:

Annual Plan

Annual plan states that customers can receive one-year technical support for a single computer system, Windows OS, its applications and peripherals. Also customers can call unlimited number of times for different issues and can renew the plan after the expiry date.


SOHO plan states that customers can get technical support for one year to fix the issue in up to four computer systems and can make calls unlimitedly to get instant support.

Per Incident Plan

As the name depicts, you can get the support for one issue or incident to your computer system, Windows OS, peripherals or applications only for one month.

PC Tune-up Plan

PC Tune-up Plan states that you can get your computer system tuned up. It includes optimizing the system, web browser and hard disk drives. That means the repairing of the system is included for the better performance.

If you have some queries related to our plans, give us a call at our toll-free number 1-800-793-7521 or go through our plans at

The plans at SupportMart aim to meet the customers’ requirements and vary in the budget range. In annual plan, you can call us unlimited number of times to get your techie issues fixed instantly. If you like our services then you are free to buy plans of two or three years in advance.

If you are confused about the selection of plans, you can take suggestions from our executives by making a call at our toll-free number. You can also dial it to register your complaint regarding wrong charging for extra subscription.

Although, there is an array of technical support providers but a customer who spends money to get the issue fixed asks for perfection, quality and accuracy. If you are also looking for the same, SupportMart is the place for you that has the solutions to all its customers’ problems and also provides the best services. You’re invited to SupportMart with all the technical issues, come to us and enjoy our services.


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