Misleading Advertisement

SupportMart is a worldwide technical service provider consisting of adroit experts and perfectionists in their relevant areas and providing the solutions to customers’ technical issues. The company believes in giving the best solutions to the customers and leaving them with a higher level of satisfaction.

SupportMart is a place where you can get your issue solved in a very little time. We provide technical support to the problems related to the products from different leading brands like Apple, Sony, Acer, HP, Microsoft, Dell, Kodak, LG, Canon, Norton, Samsung, Lenovo etc. that clearly means that we offer third party support and do not scam at all.

 What SupportMart Does?

SupportMart provides the solutions to technical issues through e-mail, chat or phone. No matter the product is out of warranty or not, we offer our best services in both cases at very affordable prices without any scam. Whether it is about hardware components, peripherals, networking issue, operating system, security, applications or antivirus, we are versatile in everything. Customers get the solution to their problems while sitting at home. We actually provide technical support services for almost every computer related brand.

What SupportMart Is Not?

SupportMart is not affiliated or partnered with any brand rather we provide the solutions to the problems related to the leadings brands’ products.

Misconception about SupportMart

Most of the times when visitors type in search box of search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing, if it is a related term to us; it shows us in the results but it is obvious that some relation doesn’t tend to happen the exact. Yes, we are neither Microsoft, Dell, Sony, nor anything else; we are ‘SupportMart’.

Suppose you find us as the result of ‘Dell Support’, it doesn’t mean that we are Dell or affiliated with it, it simply means that we provide third-party paid and on demand solutions for Dell products and the same scenario applies to other brands as well. So, if you think that we are doing scamming, contact us at our number, we’ll clear all your doubts.

If Misled, Contact Us

If you feel that you have misled by these search results or advertisements, you can leave comment over here. You can also visit us at http://www.supportmart.net/contact-us or call at our toll-free number for immediate response. Our team will respond as quickly as possible with the solution even if it is about the fund. So, you are welcome to SupportMart to get the solutions, we are here to help you with your technical problems. Feel free to contact us.


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